Eid Gift from me

Salaam to all my friends and brothers/sisters,

Wish Eid Holidays had u in real spirit. It is in the spirit of this festive season that we distribute Eidi to all our kids and our younger brothers / sisters also. One of the writer/speaker whom i appreciate too much, Mr. Nissar Nadiadwala, wrote this on his Facebook Page today which he heard from his Imam on the day of Eid,

” Eid is not just wearing new clothes and tasting sweet dishes and spending money lavishly. Eid is to celebrate those great qualities of sabr and generosity that we had practiced through out the month.”

Hence this year i have decided to distribute a gift (EIDI) which i wish you will take care of and do justice without keeping prejudicial intent.

I have always acknowledged that we indian muslims in our early childhood have know better the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata than stories from the Quran. I hope you will receive this well and make me proud of you as a friend by reading this and clearing your misconceptions (if any).

To give an introduction, i have attached two different copies by the same author, Yusuf Ali, whose translation is very well known and copies of which are amongst the most distributed. For those starters, who only wish to know the translation without commentary i have attached one and those who want delve further, i have attached another with detailed commentary so that the history and reason of relevation will become more clear.

I am ready to receive any number of queries from yours side, appreciative or not, i will try my best to answer your questions. And i wish if you could distribute this amongst your friends also.

Wish Allah to bless all my Muslims and Non-Muslims friends.




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