Al‐Khushoo’ means being completely solemn, submissive and humble to Allah during our performance of Prayer.

1. Complete consciousness or presence of mind during the performance of the Salaah (Prayer).

-This means emptying the heart of everything except remembrance of Allah. Remember that this worldly life is play and pastime and the life of this world is a matter of deception.

2. Understanding what is said during the Salaah.

– One should clearly understand the meaning of the words as well as the principles founded in them.

3. Feeling Allah’s Majesty in the heart during the performance of the Salaah.

– This can be achieved by getting two things established in the mind, First that Allah is Greatest, owns everything and has power to do everything. Second being sure that left to his own desires without the Mercy and Guidance of his Lord and Creator, he would be no better, in fact he would be worse than the animals.

4. Showing reverence to Allah.

– Developing fear for Allah should assist in a servant to be reverent to his Lord in his prayers as well as all his other actions. Hoping for Allah’s reward and that He will forgive the sins one commits. Hope and fear are characteristics that always go together be‐cause both result from the fact that the servant has come to realize his true nature.

5. Feeling ashamed and insignificant before Allah.

– This comes about when the worshipper knows that he is weak and commits sins by day and night, and he realizes that Allah is aware of this. This state of mind can be achieved it is realized and worked upon that Understanding that we are weak and have many limitations existing within us and that we sin by night and day and Realizing that we are very much deficient in our sincerity to Allah whenever we worship Him. Understanding that if we were to worship Allah as we should, we would never be able to do so effectively.

6. Other Profitable Prescriptions for Humbling the Heart.

– Declare His Glory, fear Him, hope for His mercy and try to be completely ashamed of himself before Allah. While praying, he will find himself suffering from random thoughts, heedlessness and lack of concentration in the Prayer, which can be taken care of by 2 ways-

(a) External – Practice lowering the gaze as well as controlling what one listens to. Remove any other thing from around him that would assist in distracting him. 

(b) Internal- Concentrate on the meanings of what is being recited and to make these meanings the thoughts with which the heart becomes occupied. Prepare the mind before starting the prayer by concentrating upon Whom we are going to be standing before and try to feel as if we are standing on Judgment Day to be judged by our Lord. Convince ourselves that this might be our final farewell prayer. The cure for these sicknesses can be achieved if one removes these random thoughts which would provide a temporary relief.

Thus, Our aim behind establishing prayer should be what Allah made as the aim. Allah says:
“Establish Prayer for My remembrance.” [Taha 20:14]

= taken from ‘Khushoo’ by Imran Hussein (


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