In order for zakaah to be due on money, two conditions must be met: 
1 – That it reaches the nisaab (minimum threshold)
2 – That one year has passed since it reaches the nisaab.

– If the money is less than the nisaab, then no zakaah is due on it. 
– If it reaches the nisaab, and one year has passed, i.e. a lunar (hijri) year has passed since the time when it reached the nisaab, then zakaah becomes due at that point.


A. Zakat on Grains & Fruits

1. No zakat on less than 5 wasq about 618 kgs.
2. Each Wasq is is 60 sa’a and each sa’a is 4 armful
3. Nisab
– 1/10 10% from natural irregation.
– 1/20 5% from irregated by efford land.


B. Zakat on Honey

1. To be given on honey from one’s own possession
2. To be given if obtained from uncultivated lands.
3. The nisab for honey is 30 sa’as which 65165 grams.
4. The 1/10 10% is to be given as zakah.


C. Zakat on Minerals

a. 2.5% on gold and silver
b. Other minerals 2.5% after evaluated in gold or silver.
c. 20% on rikaz (buried wealth of the disbelievers)


D. Zakat on what is stored

a. No zakat on vegetables
b. No zakat on walnut, apple, peach, quince, pomegranate etc
c. However, if you make income from it then zakat due.


E. Zakah Gold and Silver and Cash

a. Nisab for gold is 20 mithqals equal to 85 grams
b. Nisab for Silver is 595 grams
c. Zakat on Jewelry
•No zakat on jewelry according to Al-fawzan
•But wajib on jewelry according to Uthaymeen, Ibn Baaz and Albani
•According to our shaykh, Dr Anwar Wajib and best to give Zakat.


F. Zakath on Gold plated

a. Prohibited to place a ceiling or wall with silver or gold.
b. Prohibited to place a vehicle or its keys with gold or silver.
c. “He who drinks in a vessel of gold or silver is only filling his abdoment with Hellfire.” Hadith.


G.Zakah on Trading Goods

a. Four Conditions.
1- The owner has acquired the property by doing some act such as trasactions, gifting,
bequeathing, renting, or other means of acquisition.
2- The owner intends to use trade goods for trade and profit.
3- The value of trade goods must reach the nisab evaluated in gold or silver.
4- A lunar year must pass on the nisab.

b. Zakat is only on the stock to be sold not on computers, vehicles etc unless they are stock.


H.The Estimation of Zakah on Trade Goods

1. Appraised at the completion of the lunar year.
2. 2.5% of the value to be paid in zakah.


I . Grazing Animals & Livestock

Two conditions for Grazing Animals
a. Must be used for producing milk and reproduction not for toil.
b. They must be grazing. No zakah on animals fed on fodder etc i.e not grazing but

– Zakah Due on Camels
1. One sheep is zakah for every 5 camels.
2. 2 sheep for 10 camels
3. 3 sheep for 15 camels
4. 4 sheep for 20 camels
5. 1 year old she camel for 25 camels
6. If no 1 year old she camel is available then 2 year male camel for 25 camels.
7. 2 year she Camel for 36 camels.
8. 3 year old she camel for 46 camels
9. 4 years old she camel for 61 camels
10. 2 she camels of 2 years old for 76 camels
11. 2 three year old she camels for 91 camels.
12. 3 two year old she camels for 120 or more camels.
13. If over 120 for each 40 bint laboon and for each 50 one hiqqa.

– Zakah Due on Cows
1. 1 year old calf for 30 cows.
2. 2 year old cow for 40 cows.
3. 1 year old calf for each 30 cows or 2 year old for each forty if cows are more than 40.

– Zakah Due on Sheep
1. One six months old sheep or one year old goat for 40 sheep.
2. No zakah if sheep are less than 40
3. If the number reaches 40, 1 sheep.
4. If the number reaches 121 then 2 sheep.
5. If the number reaches 201 then 3 sheep.
6. After that one sheep for every 100 sheep.
7. No old or defective or pregnant sheep be given for zakah.
8. The best animal is not to be taken as zakah.


J. Ruling on Properties

1. No zakat on any number of houses if used for personal residence.
2. Zakat only on the income of the property if rented out.
3. Zakat on the value of the property if used a merchandise i.e real estate business.
4. No zakat on cars, taxis, and other vehicles but on the income of it, unless used as merchandise.


((taken from notes of our brother Qadar Khan of IOU – Sharh Fiqh Uz-Zakaat by our Shaykh Dr. Anwar Al Madani from book Summary of Islamic Jurisprudence by Shaikh Salih Al Fawzaan))



  1. Please brothers and sisters, if any discrepancy is found, intimate me. Any good in this by the brother who prepared by this and shared by me than its from Allah, and any mistake is from me and the Shaytaan.

    May Allah help us to follow the right path, that of Siraat Al Mustaqeem.


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