Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu,

I am making this note on the important subject of ‘Imaan’ from the Commentary of Imaam Nawawi’s Forty Hadith by Sheikh Jamaal Zarbozo, which happens to be our course text book for HAD 102. I have rearranged the original text to make a small note which i can refer to and remember later. It is for my benefit and benefit of my brothers and sisters in Islam. May Allah accept this from us.


Imaan Ibn al-Qayyim said,

Imaan is a compound of following components;

  1. Having knowledge of what the Prophet pbuh taught.
  2. Having complete and firm belief in what the Prophet pbuh brought.
  3. Verbally professing one’s belief in what he pbuh brought.
  4. Yielding or submitting to what he brought out of love and humility.
  5. Acting in accordance with what the Prophet pbuh brought, both outwardly and inwardly, implementing it and calling to its path according to ones ability.


It is these components which were summed up by the earliest scholars in their statement,

“Imaan is statement and action”.

  • Statement here includes both statement of the heart (affirmation) and statement of the tongue (verbal profession). 
  • Action includes both the action of the heart (willingness to submit, love and so forth) and action of the body (such as prayer and so forth)


These two components were also broken down into three following essential components of Imaan, for the sake of clarity, that have also been stated by many scholars:

  1. Belief in the heart.
  2. Profession by the tongue.
  3. Performance of deeds by the physical parts of the body.


1. BELIEF IN THE HEART – This most important, the foundation and driving force behind other components of Imaan has two aspects

  • “Statement of the heart”. It is made up of recognition, knowledge and affirmation.
  • “Actions of the heart”. This is made of commitment, voluntary submission and acceptance. This also includes love for Allaah, awe of Allaah, trust in Allaah, fear of Allaah, and hope in Allah

2. PROFESSION BY THE TONGUE – This pronouncement of the words must be accompanied by a sincere attempt to implement the following three aspects,

  • The correct belief in the Lordship of Allah and its related aspects.
  • The abondanment of and freedom from any kind of association of partners with Allaah.
  • The following and implementation of the laws of Islam.

3. PERFORMANCE OF DEEDS BY PHYSICAL PARTS OF THE BODY – In this aspect, i take the points reflected by Shaykh Ibn Taimiyyah rahimullah,

  • Imaan must be reflected in the ritual acts, such as the prayer and fasting, because Allaah has made such acts obligatory.
  • It is not sufficient that the person is only honest in his speech, fulfills his trusts and so forth. These are not sufficient as long as the person does not have imaan that leads him to the ritual acts.
  • A person cannot be considered a believer in Allaah and His Messenger if he is not performing any of the rites that were specifically made obligatory in the message of the Prophet Muhammed pbuh.

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