Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu,

Some times back i was in discussion with a highly learned brother who is doing Phd in Islamic studies about how best one can define Sahih Hadeeth. This discussion came up after our Shaykh of HADEETH 102 gave his own definition of Sahih Hadeeth. InshaAllah, I wish to memorize this and share this for benefit of my brothers and sisters.

Note that this is not the only definition as many scholars have defined this differntly. I would love to hear from other students who are aware of any other defintion.

May Allaah accept this from us,


Sahih Hadith definition

“Sahiho Maa-Rawahu Adlun Dabtun an-Mithlihi bi Sanadin Muttasilin al-Khali min ash-Shududi wal Illah”


Sahiho – Sahih is

Maa-Rawahu – With Rawi (narrators)

Adlun – Integrity (truthfulness)

Dabtun – Accuracy (Soundness of memory and/or written accuracy)

an-Mithlihi – like to like (means narrating from same level of dabt and accuracy)

bi Sanadin Muttasilin – with Sanad (chain) continous, i.e. without break

al-Khali min ash-Shududi wal Illah – meaning free (al-khali) from the contradictions and Hidden Defects.




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