About ME

I am Civil Engineer, based in Dubai, UAE, involved in the field of Construction Contracts and Resource Managerment.

Lived my life in the Suburbs in India, in Mumbai/Thane. Studied in a Convent School and was exposed to the Christianity thoughts very early in my life. Finished my Diploma in Civil Engineering from Saboo Siddik polytechnic (MHSS), Mumbai and later completed by PG in Contruction Management from NICMAR, Pune. I also completed my course in Project Management Professional (PMP).

Being an Indian, it is quite normal for a normal Muslim to know the stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana, at earlier age, better than what what they know of the words of Allah in the Quran.

It was due to the hard work of few good people and the wish of Allah that i was able to identify the true path of Islam and later i was guided by Allah to Islamic Online University (http://www.islamiconlineuniversity.com/), which i enrolled in. Alhamdulillah. Wish that all my brothers and sisters in Islam are able to follow the authentic and real path of Islam rather than those of the deviants.

I have always appreciated the Islamic Values and lack of differences between the Arabs here in UAE. Though there are differences in the matter of Fiqh, but Alhamdulillah i did not encounter any differences in the matter of Aqeedah(creed).

My earliest encounter with hard-core deviation was when in India, Muslims from the same cities, same households, celebrated Eid Holiday on different days. Woe to those Ulemas who created differences between us Muslims.

My aim in this Blog is to share with my friends and well-wishers, my thoughts and my knowledge, from the circle of Religion as well as my experiences. You can expect some Humour (don’t mind if u think it’s not humour).

Join my Blog and i look forward to comments from you all.

You are also invited to my Facebook page – http://facebook.com/Irfan51s


4 thoughts on “About ME

  1. Jazakallah Khairan! Keep on enlightening our fellow believers with whatever little truth and knowledge you quire. May Allah guide all of us through the path of virtue.

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